P R A T I C E  A R E A S

Since its foundation the firm has experienced an increasing expansion in its technical staff constantly adding new areas of work which allows increasingly comprehensive care of the needs of its clients.

This is called full service concept currently practiced by major law firms worldwide. The office has a qualified team to provide advisory solutions in various areas of law with particular emphasis on the following areas:

Business Law

Full Corporate Advisory services

Opting for this service profile through an extremely reasonable cost the client counts on an excellent coverage on legal advice area and is fully protected from any potentially damaging event to their business.

In this contract profile are offered to the clients following coverage:


Telephone and in-person consultations aimed at assisting decision-making at the different situations of day to day business involving the legal department.


Performance of qualified lawyers to provide advice on negotiations, contracts, conflict resolution with their clients (multilingual: English / Portuguese / French) and other procedures, whether in the legal sphere, as in the company´s development of management strategies.

Litigation prevention

Is the global trend in terms of management and administration, consists a lawyer joint work with the company and employees in order to develop basic concepts of law and legislation, thereby minimizing or even avoiding future lawsuits. This activity can be carried out through courses in company, lectures or meetings where the risks and losses of a judicial process, and the best way to avoid them are exposed. The firm also serves on the management called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), which is in the conduct of procedures for the alternative solution to the conflict out of court.


Direct involvement of the legal team representing and defending the client's interests in court litigation and extra, both wishing to judge against third parties, as in the company will eventually be thrown.


The compliance developed by the firm means putting the client on absolute alignment with standards, internal controls and external, as well as all policies and guidelines established for their business. The main purpose is to ensure that the company is complying with all the impositions of regulatory agencies in all of the required standards for its segment in labor spheres, tax, legal, social security, and above all ethical.

Legal and business advice to foreign investors

Advocacia Fortuna and associates throughout its history has achieved international recognition of legal and advisory services provided to foreign investors operating in the local market, having worked with the business sector in countries like Switzerland, France, Belgium, China, United States, among others.

The choice of the firm for foreign investors took into account the security and credibility, combined with the technical knowledge in quality excellence level.

The firm lends his expertise in advising all activity related to the foreign investor performance in our country, including the formation of companies, registration processes of foreign investment before the Central Bank of Brazil, remittance of profits and repatriation of capital.

In addition to international business advice Advocacia Fortuna and associates have strong performance directed to the area of real estate investment guarantees to foreign investors through the due diligence the assurence of having the security of acquiring a property in fuller condition of regularity and legality.


Following these same corporate guidelines our office also offers legal solutions and acting in litigation in the following areas: Labor Law, Consumer Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law and Criminal Law.

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